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Yellow and white corn



We are direct Producer and Suppler/Exporter of Yellow & White Corn/Maize at very Good prices.
We produce and sell to serious Buyers all over the world at very cheap prices.

Yellow Corn Animal Feed Protein: 10% min Moisture: 13 % max Pure



Product NameYellow Maize
Purity98 % min
Grade2& 3
Moisture14% max
Protein10% min
Foreign Matter2-3 Max
Weevil Led seeds2-3 % max
Damaged Otherwise4-5%max
Color seeds1-2% max
Admixture2-3 % max
Broken2-3% max
Packing25 / 50 kg, pp bag, Bulk in containers
Container capacity28 Mt
Year of Crop2019

NON-GMO-GRADE – Grade #1 YELLOW CORN/WHITE CORN (Human Consumption)

Product Specifications:
Moisture 14.5% Max
Damaged kernel 5.0% Max (Include heat damaged kernels 0.2%Max)
BCFM ( Broken Kernel & Foreign Material) 3% Max
Total Aflatoxin (B1 B2 G1 G2) under 15ppb (Including Aflatoxin B1 under 10ppb)
Deoxynivalenol 2mg/kg Max
Zearalenone 200 μg/kg
Ochratoxin A 5μg/kg
Total Fumonisin (B1 B2) under 4mg/kg
Test Weight 69.5kg/hl(min) :


NON-GMO-GRADE – Grade #2 YELLOW CORN/WHITE ORN (Human/Animal Consumption)

Moisture : 13%-14% Max
Protein: 9%
Admixture : 1% Max
Broken seeds : 3% Max
Damaged seeds : 3% Max
Other color seeds : 3% Max
Aflatoxin by TLC Method DL : 5ppb – 20 ppb Max

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