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‘-3 Absorbing Channels: For up to 100% leakage protection
-Absorbent Micro Pearls: Locks away the wetness from baby’s skin
-Extra Dry-Layer: Instantly absorbs wetness away from the skin
-Soft-like cotton: For a comfortable night’s sleep
-Stretchy Sides: Flexes with your baby’s every move


The material and functions:
1. Hydrophilic non-woven: soft, make baby more comfortable.
2. Super Absorbent Polymer: Absorb the liquid effectively and instantly, keep surface dry all day to avoid wet back.
3. Blue Acquisition Distribution Layer: Make the liquid infiltrate quickly, prevent rewet and keep Baby’s skin dry and clean.
4. Lamination film: breathable, prevent leakage and keep fresh.
5. PP tapes: go well with frontal tape, they can be used as many times as need.
6. Magic tapes/BIG ELASTIC EARS: can be used for many times, and big elastic ears are much more convenient for a better fit.
7. 3D rounder: avoid any side leakage.
8. Elastic waistband: Provide baby with a snug, comfortable circumstance.


Baby diaper  DETAILS:

S(390x280mm)up tp 7kg528±2
XL(540x320mm)over 12kg839±2